Instant Ready for Point of Sale with Peripheral Compatibility

Retail solutions are about more than cash drawers, receipt printers, barcode scanners and other POS peripherals.  CLI can transform your desktop to ‘thin client’ with robust, powerful peripherals as well as combine Point-of-Sale, accounting, scheduling, back office and customer tracking into one, comprehensible platform.  CLI dives in to confirm that the software, system and platform are optimal for your business.  With full wired or wireless network support, mobile access, web store and multi-site FTP option, CLI’s retail solution provides these advantages:

   User-friendly remote maintenance enhances efficient use of IT resources.

    Thin client offers longer refresh cycle than traditional PC. Reduce spending on hardware SLA and software licenses.

    Full convergence from text terminal to full GUI thin clients.

    Reduced security outbreak and easy to apply patches centrally.

    Offload security worries, as all data are stored in server and not on local PCs.

CLI Solutions

Point-of-sale (POS) terminals such as traditional clerk-operated checkout terminals or cashier drawers are frequently seen in retail stores.  In addition, retail stores may also include a number of information retail terminals such as kiosk-type devices with built-in touch screen interface.

Kiosk retail terminals or thin client kiosks are generally located throughout the shopping area to perform various, informational retail functions such as product demonstrations (e.g. an audio/video/flash advertisement), customer data collection, or as an HR recruiting stations (collecting/maintaining customer profile database). Payment station serves a transaction function in which a customer may use the kiosk to tender payment for his or her items for purchase or return rentals.

Information retail terminals provide product information to customers.  As well, they can be used as an interactive station assisting customers in response to questions they input via a keypad or touchscreen.

CLI products range from text terminal, mobile net-book, stationary and integrated touchscreen thin clients to fulfill your retail need of server based computing, cloud computing, or desktop virtualization.


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