Product Replacement Request Form

Product Replacement Request Form

Use this form to replace a defective device.

  • Enter Number Only No Dashes.

  • Where Is The Product?


    Complete address replacement product is to be shipped to.

  • (End User)

  • Enter Number Only No Dashes.

  • Enter Number Only No Dashes.

  • Type of Product and Problem?

  • If you don't know, just give a description

  • No way around this one; this is a must-have.

  • The more details the better

  • If you have additional products that need to be replaced please list each serial number with a detailed problem description.

  • Check Some Boxes For Us

  • All requests received by 12:00 p.m. PST are normally processed the same day. If CLI Tech Support determines more information is required before the product is replaced, you or your end user will be contacted. This form does not constitute a commitment by CLI to replace the product specified. It is only a request for replacement.

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