Cloud Based Management Simplified

CLI's web based remote management software designed for management of Zero, Cloud and Thin clients makes desktop hardware and connectivity easy to maintain and delpoy. Using CCDM features such as automatic check-in, automatic update and group configuration will minimize time and effort to maintain individual user's hardware desktops. 

Device Discovery
 - The console allows system administrators to view details for each controlled device, organize trees, create and maintain remote job definitions. All clients check in and their on-line or off-line status is displayed. A user menu in the left margin provides all the available management options.

 Remote Control - After a device selection has been made, you have a complete snapshot of all the set up parameters for the device and a variety of remote control functions such as remote display, shutdown device, restart device, update and wake.

  Remote Device and Group Configuration - Configure devices remotely with CCDM by selecting the configurations menu and creating a new configuration profile or edit an existing one. Once the configuration profile is created, this profile can be applied to a group of devices by utilizing the group tab and either selecting the group profile or creating a new job.




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